There are so many options available to you when deciding on a style for your upcoming home build. We’ll take you through three styles that may suit your taste and lifestyle; cottages, farmhouses and contemporary designs.


Quaint, full of charm and usually boasting an informal floor plan modern cottage are practical, functional and full of character. They can include a broad range of designs, but are often smaller than the average home and can feature unique design elements.

The main features of a cottage style home are balconies, small porches, gable roofs, and bay windows. The traditional cottage style house plan is usually ‘cozy’ however modern cottage designs offer that cozy cottage feel with plenty of space in the way of an open floor plan.

Cottage style homes may have decorative touches such as vertical exterior paneling or a stone facade which set them apart from more contemporary styles. Popular in rural areas, the cottage style has now made its way to urban residential areas. You don’t have to live in the forest to enjoy the appeal of a cottage style design.

The Carriage


The Aston


The Tramways



Country charm and modern conveniences are what makes the farmhouse style home special. We use farmhouse style plans to build homes in an array of country and rural settings, farms are just one of them. Floor plans have evolved over recent times to include a more contemporary layout with an open use of space, particularly in the living areas of the house.

The typical Australian farmhouse style home is long with open spaces, large rooms, high ceilings and wrap-around verandahs to capture both front and rear views deep into the natural environment.

The extensive and wide porch at the front of the house is the most essential characteristic of a farmhouse style home, along with a simple roof structure with gables and almost always a rectangular shape including a lot of windows to make the most of the natural light.

Modern farmhouse style is having a moment with the internal decor trend becoming immensely popular. It’s about having a vintage feel with a modern touch.

The Hugo


The Benjamin


The Ascot



Clean lines, natural light and a simple aesthetic are the essence of the contemporary home. Free of decorative trims and mouldings, a less is more approach paves the way for a unique shape and highly functional layout.

When it comes to rural house designs, at Country Living Homes, we are experiencing a growing demand for designs outside of the more traditional cottage and farmhouse styles in the way of a more modern style facade and floor plan.

Open-plan living is the key characteristic of a contemporary home with a combined kitchen, dining and living area, providing a space for family congregation and functional entertaining. Contemporary homes will often include additional family areas, a study and multiple bathrooms.
Integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces is also an important part of modern living with bifold doors opening out to external entertaining areas and a generous use of glass to embrace the use of natural light while bringing the outside in.

The Norman


The Cooper


The Seahawk


Whatever your style… urban, rural or coast, we have a design that will suit your needs and beyond! Check out our extensive range today.