Amongst the breadth of expertise at Country Living Homes, the company are experienced pole home builders. Since the company’s commencement in 2006, we have been creating innovative pole home designs that meet sometimes challenging and interesting sites. All pole homes are an excellent example of an organic design, as they work with the land not against it. The balance of height, size, width, and floor heights all come into play as an important design factor at Country Living Homes. The Sales Consultants at the company give specialized expertise when building on an elevated block, difficult terrain and give the potential buyer the options of what will work best when building a country pole home on their block of land.

Pole homes also known as stumped homes or stilt houses raised off the ground, make buyers the envy of their friends as they beautifully capture the magnificent views of coastlines and riverbanks. Country Living Homes have found that Pole Homes are growing in popularity as they offer a cost-effective solution to building on sloping, uneven, tiered or less stable sites. Our clients believe that country pole homes are a great way to make the most out of a site as you retain the natural beauty and features of the property whilst maximizing on the views. Country pole homes are a versatile and creative option for dealing with unstable sites and have the added advantage of fantastic storage, which can be placed underneath the pole home. 

For sloping blocks, a country pole home can be innovative for creating a home that captures surrounding views. Poles are fixed at the required heights to create a level floor, which creates a supportive framework to build the remainder of the home on. With a pole home, minimal site preparation is required, because the house is lifted up off the grade of the ground. Construction of the house starts with the establishment of a foundation which is designed to support a series of vertical poles. Once the poles are in place, the framing can be established and designed in such a way that weight is transferred evenly to the poles. After framing, the home can be roofed and walls can be put in place.

The construction process of a country pole home can be considerably faster than normal, as it requires little site preparation. Pole Homes can also be built in stages to accommodate different timescales and budgets, allowing buyers to move in sooner rather than later. Pole Homes also minimize site cuts and can help alleviate common water issues that can be encountered with a conventional slab on ground home such as drainage or termite issues. A country pole home has little impact on the land which in turn drastically reduces the costs of building, making this design appealing to potential buyers. 

Country Living Homes have a 14-year history in pole home construction making us the perfect builder for your new country pole home. The most popular locations for Country Living Homes Pole Homes include on the river and beach front. Some previous build locations include Wallaroo, Morgan, Ardrossan, Bowhill, Swan Reach, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes, Port Broughton and more.

Potential buyers are recommended to contact the Country Living Homes team today to see if their block would benefit from a pole home construction.