Country Living Homes are highly recognised for creating rural homes that harness the natural beauty of the surrounding environment to create an impactful forever home. By taking inspiration from the land and terrain we are able to innovate and create bespoke homes that suit your desired vision. Some key influences which impact our designs include; lighting, views, land, and more. By developing custom designs every Country Living home is individual and different. 

Whether you are looking to build along the river or down the countryside, there is no distance that will stop us from making your dreams become reality. During our 14-years of building across South Australia, we have created outstanding rural homes in places such as; Yorke Peninsula, Mid North, Flinders Ranges, Virginia, Two Wells and more. Through this extensive experience we have been able to perfect the skill of capturing a block’s unique attributes to incorporate this into our designs. To ensure each customer achieves their desired home, we ensure that the design process is collaborative, so that the design accounts for each individual’s needs. No Country Living Home is the same as another. 

There are several rural home designs in which our customers are able to choose from. Whether you are after a comfortable holiday home, or a two-storey space with a magnificent view, we are able to deliver. What makes rural homes so unique and special is how well they complement their surrounding environment. We are committed to ensuring that both the facade and the interior are equally as spectacular and suited to your desired vision. 

By working specifically with your block of land, we are able to highlight it’s best features to create your dream property. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect piece of land, our consultants are here to help you find the right space to accommodate the development of your new rural home.

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