Transportable homes have come a long way since the 70s when prefabricated homes were considered inferior to a traditional style home… a lot has changed!

Modern construction methods and material advancements have transformed the way that these homes are assembled and have provided a durable, cost-effective and speedy option to the market.

For homeowners who are limited with time and budget, the transportable solution can be more suitable than traditional processes.

What’s the difference between an on-site built home and a transportable home?

The main difference is a pretty obvious one. As opposed to a regular home that is built in its entirety at its final location, a transportable home is built in our construction yard and then delivered on-site. Or for those who prefer the convenience of an onsite build, Country Living Homes offer transportable constructions that are constructed onsite like a regular home.

Transportable houses are popular in rural areas as it is the perfect solution to the housing demands of people relocating to rural areas for short periods of time.

What are the benefits of a transportable home? It’s more than just the transportable aspect…


Just as the name suggests, one of the obvious benefits of a transportable home is that its mobile and lightweight design provides you with the option to transport your home to another location in the future.

Why would you ever want to transport your home?

Maybe you frequently need to change work locations and don’t want to leave your home behind. If you live in a location affected by extreme weather conditions, such as a flood-prone area, being portable can be a great option.

Maybe you enjoy travelling around the country and don’t want to be bound to one location, but enjoy your creature comforts.

Or, maybe you need extra temporary living space for family members on your property, such as growing teens or aging parents. Think of it as a granny flat, an office or studio or a teenage retreat that can be sold later when it’s no longer required.

Speed of Construction

This is one of the major advantages of a prefabricated and lightweight construction compared to building on-site. With your brand-new home being constructed offsite allows you to continue business as normal onsite. When your site is ready for your brand-new home, the home can then be transported on the exact day that you are ready for it.

Construction can also commence in the construction yard at the same time as site preparations are being carried out meaning you can get the ball rolling without delay.


Transportable homes are built tough! It may surprise you… transportable houses can actually be sturdier than homes that are built on-site because they need to be built to withstand transportation from one location to another; irregular movement and harsh weather conditions. This also means less maintenance!

The build can be completed with precision when construction is carried out in a controlled environment.

Transportable homes can also be significantly cheaper than on-site builds. Music to your ears?

The best thing about a transportable home, aside from the low cost, is that you won’t even notice that you’re living in one. From the speed of construction to the freedom associated with mobility, not to mention the same comforts as a traditional home, it’s easy to see why South Australians are so interested in this versatile home solution.

Country Living Homes have an extensive selection of transportable home designs available throughout South Australia, whether you draw your inspiration from urban, rural or coastal environments… we’ve got you covered! Click here to see our range.

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